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   Active Medical LLC understands the importance of a properly fitted wheelchair. That is why a trained mobility specialist fits the wheelchair to the patient on every single delivery. Improper wheelchair fittings can cause serious medical complications such as pressure sores, kyphosis, scoliosis, respiratory complications and an inability to be independent in propulsions. 
   Active Medical LLC is staffed with 2 RESNA Assistive Technology Professionals who coordinate the provision of our mobility solutions with the patient, therapy team and ordering physicians plan of care. Our ATP’s are involved in the entire process including order intake, patient evaluation, equipment recommendation, delivery and the final fitting.  
   Every client will get a free home safety evaluation to ensure appropriateness and functionality of equipment within the home. Active Medical LLC also has a convenient private fitting room at their store to provide quick and efficient service as well. 
Active Medical Services
Active Medical LLC’s Certified Orthotic Fitter is excited to help meet your bracing needs. From cervical to ankle, we provide orthotic bracing from industry leading manufacturers including DeRoyal, Don Joy and Ossur. Active Medical offers bracing evaluations and fittings in the convenience of your own home or in the private evaluation room at Active Medical’s location. Active Medical staff members are experts in insurance billing and will handle your claim from start to finish.  

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